Listening 11/1

A few days ago, my girlfriend got mad at me. Let me tell you what happens.

We were both at work. She also does security at night just like me, just she was doing a 12h shift compare to my 8h. We both work at residents’ homes. The best perk when they throw away old things and on that night my girlfriend saw a nice long glass table that was perfect for her new apartment

Sadly the table couldn’t fit in the car so she had to call a friend to pick it up. Before that, we talked about me coming to get the car but I must’ve miss heard her. She told me if I didn’t had a ride home from work then come get the car but I did had a ride and went there anyway ( didn’t listen clearly).

I got to her job. She told me where the car was so I went to go get it. Let me remind you that I forgot about the table, I was just trying to get home. My girlfriend stood up the glass on the back of the car. I didn’t see it. I jump in the car, crank it, turn on my music, and slowly drove off until I heard a loud noise then BOOM! it hit me like a baseball bat. I forgot she put the glass there. My heart had sunk to my toes when I went to check out how bad it was. The glass was completely shattered.

I didn’t know what to do at first. No lie I wanted to leave it but then I’d to face her which I did. Took me a good 5 minutes to walk over to her booth and tell her the bad news. Me and her both walk over. She saw the glass and the rest was history. She was mad(really mad) I mean who wouldn’t be? I’d to clean up the glass before I went home which was annoying by the way. Cut my finger a little, etc.

All of this could have been avoided if I’d have just listened carefully. I’d have gone home and my girlfriend could have gone home with a new table and a better attitude.

Listen carefully to things, a lot of stuff can avoid but hey I’m paying the price now.

Published by HS-Pugh727

Just a young man who trying to live his life the best way he can. I'm a proud father of a baby girl and I do security. I'm a gamer at heart and love to workout/ have fun with good friends. I also like to write and tell about my life or opinions. feel to read my words also you can leave comments.

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