Feeling Unwanted 8/9

Sometimes in our life, we gonna feel unwanted by people. I can’t really say that’s okay because it’s a hard feeling to shake but easy at the same time to shake off.

You start to think is everything you doing is enough for them? Do they feel the same way about you? Do they love you or is it fake? These things randomly come to mind whenever you feel unwanted. Sometimes you wanna get up and do something to fight the feeling, sometime you wanna make that called or visit to feel wanted from someone but don’t let them feels get to you.

It’s easy to feel unwanted but sometimes you’ve to care for your life just like that person is doing with theirs. Thinking about it ain’t no better. Think positive things and do something positive. show that person you don’t need them. People gonna make time for who they want. They say that in these sayings you hear and sadly it’s true. Can’t tell you to do the same to them but never let someone get to you. Yes, you wanna be around them but sometimes they don’t wanna be around you and that’s okay. Find someone who doesn’t mind your company or do things that’s fun to you.

I hope your day went well. Not really over yet but I hope it stays good. If your day going negative the site down and breath and think positive things.


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