Joy Of Life 6/11

We enjoy life and try to cherish every moment of it. With all the joy you can experience in life it’s hard to pick one memory and live with it.

Whenever my daughter comes over I can tell she enjoyed her time over here. Even if she stays in the house all day she always seems to find something to watch or play with. She does the same at her mother’s house. I just found it amazing how she can find the joy out in anything she does or watches and I like that. Don’t need other kids around to have fun.

Or the residents I see at my job doing garden work. They damn near 90 plus years old and be out there pulling stuff out the ground and all. Pain or not I can tell they do it for the joy and I can see the joy in their eyes.

We can find joy in everyday life. Just gotta live without regrets and do things that you know for a fact that will make you happy.


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