Words 6/10

Today has so far been chill, play the game mostly all day, talk to my girlfriend, went to my favorite joint to get food, help my grandparents, check up on daughter, she wanna go to Rainbow Springs again. I told her mother I’ll pay for everything. Just take her, I feel like it’s nice that she wants to swim all the time. Now to get her into soccer lol. Now to the saying below.

                                  Resist Temptation

We could all relate to this saying because it shadows us in our everyday life no matter what we do. 

Like me doing my best not to eat a lot of junk food whenever I’m bored. Or like earlier today when I was playing League Of Legends in this 48-minute game which could have ended in the 30 or 25-minute mark but my team refused to push for home base. I even back door( Back door in LOL if you can teleport to the enemy base without them knowing and go for the win before they kill you or notice you) but sadly I died all three times but came close. I had to resist not to rage quit or rage on the players because it’s like they didn’t want to end. I wanted to rage but I resist. I said allot of cuss words though.

It may be hard but we all can resist something if we really try to. We have our moments but as long you have the will to resist you should be okay if you don’t then your day will come.


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