Words 6/8

Today is going slowly so far. I haven’t really done much besides playing the game, talk to baby mama and daughter, found out she had fun yesterday at the drive-through zoo and I’m happy about that. Summer camp opens back up today but I and her mom decide that it wasn’t ready for her to go back yet and that’s cool in my books. Now to the saying below.

                               Don’t skip breakfast.

I feel like this saying can go either way. I know if I had any money left over I’ll buy breakfast every morning from this corner store called Mama Phaze. I don’t go every more but I do go when I can. If I have lots of money then I and my girlfriend will go out to breakfast together.

I honestly don’t mind skipping breakfast if needed. Growing up my grandparents always cook breakfast but I guess when I move out that didn’t follow with me. I’ll make lunch before I cook breakfast. Sometimes after I get off work I don’t even eat beside junk food. Yes I know it’s bad but let me live for now.

Skipping breakfast is all up to you. I honestly feel like it depends on how you feel in the morning when you wake up or return home from work but eat what you can.

Regardless or not, all breakfast food is good to me, some love eggs like me and some hate eggs like my best friend, what breakfast food do you like to eat?? Can’t go wrong with pancakes and eggs lol.


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