Grieve 6/8

Grieving eh? Probably the one word I refuse to write about but today I’ll. I feel like we all should grieve when we can. It does not make you weak to grieve, either you do it around people or alone in your room. Just remember it’s okay to grieve and do it as long as you want to.

Like my girlfriend grieving for her Uncle that past few years ago. She doesn’t mention him all the time but I can tell she misses him. His nickname was man man. I could tell he was a good human soul just by the things she says about him.

Or a few months ago my favorite Uncle passes away from cancer. Cancer sucks by the way and I pray it goes away forever. You don’t really care for that stuff until it hit your family members, not knowing if they will live through or meet their end. 

My Uncle Vincent sadly lost his battle to cancer. He fought long and hard. I never visit him in the hospital but we did video chat and he visits whenever he could because he stays in GA. I regret not visiting him in the hospital, yeah he was a good 7 hours away but to me, there is no excuse. Always visit your loved ones when they in the hospital.

Watching my family grieve was the hardest thing, I knew they were happy that he didn’t have to suffer anymore but sad that he had to go. I’m honestly angry that he had to go, definitely from cancer but I grieve and understood. 

Never be scared to grieve and check on your loved ones.


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