Words 6/7

Today wasn’t that bad, been cloudy all day, the sun did come out but only for 5 minutes. Today is my grandfather’s birthday. The old man turned 87 years old today. Taught me everything I know from kid days to adulthood days and still today I learn from him if I visit or talk to him but now to the saying blow 

Consequences follow every decision.

This is true if you ask me, every guilty thing that we do we automatically think of the consequences that follow. I guess that’s the human in us. It’s easier to say to don’t do anything that requires consequences but hey like I said we’re all human. 

Like me eating a lot of food during the day and paying the consequences later that night, or eating a nice bowl of cereal and crying later, or feeding my daughter junk food half of the day and hearing my baby mama fussing at me about it lol or not taking that little cat nap before work then falling asleep later.

We all can think of tons of examples when it comes down to this saying, I low key wanna hear some.

I hope you all had a good day today.


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