Victory 6/7

Being victorious in video games is always a good feeling to me. Doing PVP matches, playing with friends trying to get higher is always a challenge but worth it once we became victorious.

Or watching your favorite football team beat their rival, watching your friends win without you, watching someone become successful in life, or watching your kids triumph over something that they had trouble with.

I remember few months back I was playing this fighting game that was an online PVP match. My whole random team went to attack. If you a gamer you’ll know most players don’t like playing a tank or support in my case, I was a support class that I don’t mind.

Toward the end of the battle, they all died leaving the little old support alone. Let me remind me I only have one attack move but I also had two heal moves as well. If I wanted to win I somehow had to balance my heals and my attack move and by the way, it’s 3 vs 1 lol. It was 4 vs 4 but one died one was good for me.

Before they all rush me, I quickly check the battle log to see what level they are and realized they had two players that were lower than me. Being a high level doesn’t really matter in the game, just tell the other player how long you been playing and at that time I was playing allot because the game is fun. While they rush me I quickly attack the lower ones and ran from the main one. Lucky for me, just like my team they didn’t have a healer so I knew right then I was able to attack away because honestly? what can they do? they use their main skill I run and heal and attack. This planning work until I face the main one who was skill as me.

He knew not to attack full force but at the same time, he can’t heal. All I had to do was attack dodge and heal then BAM victory was mine.

So no matter what, never give up because victory is right around the corner because you never know when you gonna win.



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