Words 6/6

Just now doing a post at 10:31 pm and it has been raining all day lol. I didn’t understand why it was raining until I check the reader and realized there is a tropical storm chilling over us. Just lots of water that we have to deal with but besides that today been lazy for me lol but now to the saying below.

If someone offers you a mint, take it.

I honestly laugh when I first saw this because I thought to myself how can I write about this without talking about people?? well, sadly I fail so here we go.

Like my job, I love talking to my residents but sometimes Nah lol, certain one’s breath be kicking. Do I say anything? nope! just keep a smile on my face and continue the conversation.

Or growing up, one of my great Uncles who used to stay next door from me always carry peppermints. I remember going to his place and every time I went he always offers one. Being a kid I always took it, saw it as candy lol but my breath smelt good though.

But I honestly feel like you can take this saying in many different ways. Like if someone offers you advice take it if someone offers help takes it. Take anything that’s gonna help you in life either if it’s a struggle or a breeze. You’ll just never know unless you take it.

I hope your day was good and if you live in Florida stay dry because we gonna have a wet one tonight lol.



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