Words 6/4

I’m back with another saying from the book Wise Dogs. Also, I hope your day is going well. Today is my girlfriend’s son’s birthday, little dude turns 4. Funny next month will be me and my girlfriend 2nd anniversary, then after that, it’s her birthday month, then after that, it’ll be me and my daughter’s birthday month. Busy busy busy lol.

Take A Chance.

You should always take a chance in life or at something that you wanna do. Me and my girlfriend been thinking of a hustle to have extra money. I ask her what is she good at beside selling weed. She doesn’t do that now but she did when she was a teenager. I told her we’re not taking a chance doing that but if there is something you’re good at, take a chance and try it. If people like it then we will make money, just like I could take a chance doing massage that I learn from massage school but that a chance I won’t take for personal reasons.

Just like last week, my daughter went to a place called Rainbow Springs State Park. The water there is 6th feet deep. My daughter is only 4 but can swim a little. I ask her mother if she could teach her because I notice our daughter is fearless and doesn’t mind taking a chance. She honestly did well, Her mother sent me videos and pictures of her swimming and I could tell she was having fun and wasn’t scary at all.

We live day by day but chances come at us a few times per year, Take them. Never know what will happen if you just take that one step. If you can, encourage others to take chances too. 

I hope your day is going good and I wish you a good one!


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