The quickness of my life

A good word to use today because I feel like it relates to my life in a way.

Everything to me is happening to quickly. Just feel like things happen so fast out the blue that it can’t be explain. The property I work at went out and sign a new contract with a new security company. Usually it takes a few weeks or a month for the new team to sign on but nope! I guess my property wanted to get things on the roll.

In the mist of working and doing other stuff in life, I’d two or less then one week to apply for the job, take a drug test, get a new level 2 background check and etc in so little time with places still close. And like all security companies in my area their office is location in Tampa Fl, which is like a 20 minutes drive if I’m lucky to beat all the traffic. 

Before I could even go to the office I’d to take an online orientation which was 3 hours. Like why lol? but after that, I was able to find a ride to the office, pass the drug test and got my papers and uniforms.

This may not seem quick to you but me yes, just little time I was able to get all that done and I’m sure you can too. Stuff in life is going to come at you hard or soft but how quickly can you handle things? allot of people will say take your time doing everything you do in life but hey why not be quick with certain things.





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One response to “The quickness of my life”

  1. Good post….You got to be ready in life when opportunity comes knocking at your door and not wait for everything to be perfect in life before doing anything new, because that is never going to happen…

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