Lost Hope 5/15

We all witness someone going through it in life and deep down inside we wish we could help them allot but just because they need it doesn’t mean you’ve to offer it because everyone can’t be helped.
I say that because I tried it myself. there this friend my girlfriend has or so call a friend and she has a hard life. For some reason, I honestly felt sorry for her and felt the need to help her. Before I did I ask my girlfriend to make sure it was okay. Her words were you can if you want to, I wouldn’t want you to because she will try to use you, she a lair, she steals, won’t respect your place, will do her best to get over you. There is a reason why no one won’t help her in the first place.
Even with knowing all of them things I still decided to help. She also has three kids so she definitely needs it. I learn quickly that you can’t help everyone who needs it. She was honestly the worst person I ever help.
She lied like no tomorrow, took a few of my things but gave them back when I notice them gone. Sadly she wasn’t clean either and she was full of drama, always begging, say she will give you money for helping( Never Saw It Lol) and she uses your things without asking. Invite people over you don’t know oh oh yeah she also broke into my window at 2 in the morning. So yeah you can’t help everyone lol.
I dealt with this for two weeks before I got annoyed I ask her to get her stuff and leave. I met the girl sister too and she said she does this to everyone, don’t feel bad for her, she chooses this life when she can do better.
She gave me more details of her life and it was just bad. I honestly didn’t sorry for her anymore, I felt more sorry for her three girls. I’ll never tell or say to someone you don’t need kids but if I do she will be the first one.
No matter who you’re, if you need help, gladly take it. Do not take advantage of someone because they have a good heart. The stuff people will try is just sad. Some people actually wanna see you doing good for yourself and if you’ve kids you should be trying your hardest to make sure the good and to make sure your life is good so you can take care of them the correct way.


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