Flourish is becoming a good word for me lately. The flowers I plant near my door has been growing fast lately. Probably because we had a lot of rain lately, or I’ve them in the sunlight or I water them well before I leave for work. Either way, you’ll always be the cause for something to flourish.

Another example will be how fast your kids grow. Took my daughter to the park yesterday because she asks lol, plus she been good lately. I was teaching her how to ride her bike yesterday. I always told her mother that she can ride that bike, we just have to teach her. Even though it was hot like a hot oven, she still had fun and learn the word pedal that day. She just has stay forces when you tell her to pedal. I know it’ll take time but I can’t wait for the day she does ride.

Or if you have a pet dog or know someone with one. I found it cool how fast they grow right in front of your eyes. As long you take care of them and raise them right they will be good friendly friends with you and other people.

Allot of things grow fast right in front of us, we just have to pay attention. 5 more days until my trip and I can’t wait, I also wish you a good day!



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