My All-Time Favorite

My All-Time favorite is these five for now. I’ll explain why I love each picture below.

dau 1

This photo was taken on her 2nd birthday. She took ten pictures that day and this was my favorite one. I like how she poses for the picture because I can tell she is having fun and she really was that day. It’s hard to get kids to smile but when you like to smile yourself it runs in the blood.

dua 3

You can tell by my eyes I was super tired that day. I just got off from work doing an overnight shift. Had to drive all the way home back from Orlando which was 2 hours drive to make it to my little sister high school graduation. I promised her years ago I wouldn’t miss it and I didn’t. Always keep your promise, definitely when it’s your little sister.


This day, 9/14/15 the day my daughter was born. Before the nurse lady told me and my friends to put the cameras away. My Ex-girlfriend best-friend snaps this picture. Before she snaps it she put the words on the yellow thingy. I honestly forgot what it was called lol but this picture will be forever my favorite.

dua 2

A friend of mines took this picture of me when I was looking out into the water. Just thinking about life, the water was nice, the weather was nice and it was peaceful because it was empty that day too. I was always told standing by the water is good, you should try it.


I remember this night. It was the first time I got invited to a bonfire. It was nice sitting down with friends and talking about life. We also ate marshmallow and smores. We later played games that night. Overall it was a good night and I’ll always remember it. And I don’t know why the fire looks like that lol… I can’t remember if they did something to it or just how the picture took it.

These are my top five favorite pictures and I’ll never forget them. I hope everyone is having a good day and I wish you a good first Friday.

All-Time Favorites“>All-Time Favorites


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