Famous eh?

I remember back in 2004 my great grandmother had passed away. I was only 12 at the time so I understood what was going on.

See, my great-grandmother was famous in the family to me. She kept the family together for many years and you didn’t know that until she pass away. After she pass my family became distance. Not all but some

I remember when walking to the neighborhood corner store, she will be sitting on her porch in a chair just saying hey to people. She will always ask me to buy her some chocolate candy and I did. I believe that was her favorite.

I never realized how famous she was until her funeral. So many people came and I mean allot. My great grandma wasn’t any celebrity but she was to the family and her friends.

You don’t need to allot of money to be labeled as famous. Just being yourself is always the famous life if you ask me.

There a tropical storm traveling next to Florida. Speaking of Florida, we famous because of the hurricanes and the sunshine state. Right now it’s doing just that lol. I can feel the winds a little and it feels nice and I wish you a good Sunday!



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