This word matches my week in a way. At my job I usually get plates from the dietary workers.

You see, they are not allowed to fix plates for the employees which suck because the food they don’t use. They throw away which is so dumb to me. My job can feed a lot of people if they didn’t do that and they don’t even feel guilty about it.

My friend Katie is a captain and she is very nice. Monday I ask her for a plate but it was busy as hell that day so I told her to fix the plate and leave it on the counter so I can come back and pick it up later. 

Steve someone who is higher than her in the kitchen saw the plate and probably threw it away because later that night I went to look for it and couldn’t find it. I didn’t know Katie message me on snapchat telling me what happens. So I knew why it wasn’t there.

I felt guilty until the next day when I find out she didn’t get in trouble. Usually, the employees get fired when they get caught sharing food with other people. I told her that next time I’ll just wait and take the plate just to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

There some things in life that are out of our reach and you may feel guilty about it. Just know it won’t last forever. Today is sunny, might go for a good walk… maybe because it’s hot lol but I do wish you a good day!


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  1. 🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊Tammy7711🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊

    Its a shame that they waste food so much there. There are so much kids on the streets that are hungry, and many homeless people worldwide too as well they (as you said) could be fed with that! Thanks for sharing, blessings!

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    1. IIjohnII87

      Thank you for the kinds words and you’re welcome!!

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      1. 🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊Tammy7711🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊

        You’re welcome!

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