Forest eh? interesting word to use today but like always, I have some words.

I never really been to a forest before. I just never felt the need to go. But when I move to Orlando Florida back in 2012 with my ex. The University Of Central Florida had a nice nature trail near the campus. You honestly had to walk just to get inside. 

This trail was a beautiful walk, it wasn’t a forest but they build it like one. The ground had white sand like the beach and it looks so lovely at night time that you couldn’t help but walk the whole time.

The trees were tall and made it look like a forest but they were always good to look at. The trail also had dirt but only in certain areas like wayyy in the back if you did walk that far.

The trail also has little animals but nothing serious. I honestly saw deer the most but they never attack people, a couple of snakes if you lucky, all type of birds and many more.

Oh, walking at night with a clear sky with no lights which the trail doesn’t have is beautiful. The moonlight shines bright like the sun, and you can see the stars more clearly. It’s also so peaceful at night because most likely you’re there alone. 

I visit this trail when I was down and out. Being in it made me feel alive because it was a wonderful place to be. Even if you see other people you can easily hide or just take a walk in a different direction and you will lose them and probably won’t see them again. and yes you can sit in the area. 

Explore your city and find out what forest or natural parks you can find to spend time in and I wish you good day.



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