I remember being told I was a very observing person and I can’t even deny it.

I just feel like you have to notice everything around you no matter the location. I guess you can say I learn that from security. With all the stuff I witness in Orlando made me think of life differently.

I notice people in this day of age like to use people badly and it’s so sad. I got people in my life right now would never talk to me but will call or text to ask for some money like they don’t already owe me. Like just yesterday I’d a friend told me I didn’t look out for her because I didn’t buy her a gift for her birthday because I wasn’t able to. I gave this friend money when I could and for her to say those words told me she shouldn’t be my friend anymore. Notice the bad people around you and get rid of them.

You should also observe your surroundings. In this crazy world, we lived in, you just never know what could happen in public.

I believe being observing is good, it saves you a lot of time dealing with people that you shouldn’t even care about. We observe people, life, and this world every day and we don’t even know it but that good if you ask me because it’s better being safe then sorry.

I hope you enjoy the read and I wish you a good day!

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5 responses to “Observe”

  1. I have to say, what you’ve written here is very inspiring and brave. You have a remarkable talent and I am in awe. Amazing! I hope you could follow my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.

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  2. Rightly pointed.. :)we need to observe carefully our surroundings.. but at times we unknowingly put some kind of curtains on our eyes and fail to truly analyze people around us.. especially our loved ones..

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