You know… when I hear the word tantrum I automatically think of a little kid who behaving badly because he or she didn’t get what they wanted. I know this because I have a kid myself and two Nephews who are spoiled rotten. My daughter doesn’t really behave badly around me but I’m sure she does it allot around her mother. Same with my Nephews I just say stop once and they cool.

But I’ve noticed other people don’t have that control over their kids. I see it all the time and it’s sad. I’m not saying the kid’s parents are bad but it’ll be nice for a chance to go grocery shopping without hearing some bad kids crying because they couldn’t get this toy or snack and etc. I just give my daughter a bag of grapes or my phone and she good to go lol.

While doing security I also notice that us adults have tantrum from time to time just worst if you ask me. I can’t tell you how many times I’d to calm down a person because something didn’t go their way old or young. I even find myself a little temper headed sometimes but it’s not that bad compared to other people I know or saw.

In my opinion, we all can get a little upset sometimes and it can’t be help. It’s just in our nature to get mad about something in life. Just some can control it better than others.

This is just my personal experience on what I see every day of my life, I could tell ya allot more stories of what I witness at work or home but I feel like this all I should say, I hope you enjoy the read and have a good day!

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