When I hear the word rivulet, I think of water or just being near it. I remember back in 2012 I join this Sabbath day church.

They always mention that if you need somewhere to talk, always go near the water like the lake, beach, pool or just by water period. I took their advice and tried it and it was always peaceful.

I felt like your mind was clear as day when you just sitting down by the water talking to your own self about your own problems in life. I realize I felt better after talking near the water. It was also cool seeing the random fishes jump out the water like they knew I was there and wanted to tell me that they was listening.

It always felt good being by the water, I even bought friends with me and told some to even try it and they all felt better afterwards.

I remember the first time I went on the boat, jet skiing, kayaking all in the same day in Orlando Fl, at this church member house. He also had a big pool with a waterfall in it and I can’t tell you how many times I jump from it lol. Fun times and I’ll do it again if I ever have the chance too

I also love to swim like I feel so much better under water. I also see it as a full body work out which was always good to me. I remember after high school throwing pool parties with my friends before our lives got busy.

I learnt over the years that being by the water is always a good thing, make sure you know how to swim too, just encase… you never know when you might fall in the water lol. This is my personal experience being by any water that I been around and I sure we had some good and bad experience with water but we’re still here to tell it. Hope you enjoy the read and have a great day

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