Letter to a friend #3

I wrote this letter to a very close friend of mines because she wanted me to cheer her up with my words… I guess she had a bad day So I wrote her this. Oh, I also name this sleepy beauty for her and she loved it.

You read the title correctly, sleeping beauty is what I going to call this one. It felt nice talking to you tonight, it was nice a dream come true or a prayer answer( and Yes I pray last night to talk to you more, don’t judge me lol, trying to think of more words to say. I don’t know what to say but there is something about you I can’t put my finger on. I feel like you’re a mysterious person who leave her mark on some many people that It’ll linger on that person forever. I’m that example, I notice when I talk to you, my body/mind/soul feels at ease. I notice that when I told you about my break up with my baby mama and I haven’t told no one that. Even though I’m not hearing your voice I can image hearing it in my thoughts(Plus I’ll always remember the sound of your voice) and I still love your singing voice. I can image being around you all time and I probably will never want to leave your side. I was really looking forward to talking to you on the webcam tonight, I’d have probably been nervous to even speak. Furthermore, I probably would have smiled the whole time gazing at your beautiful eyes( definitely when your glasses are off I swear you got this gazing aura around your eyes that will keep anyone glues to your face. I definitely remember that years ago). Also I wanted to tell say that you don’t have to get undress to talk to me on the cam your beauty, smile, eyes, your perfect skin tone, lips and your kind voice is all I need to enjoy when it comes down to talking to you. I do wish we could talk everyday and night, having said that I know it won’t happen because we both live different lives and I know you busy being a mother/ taking care of business in your personal life. I wanted to say Good Night and sweet dreams, I hope you have a good night sleep and I also love you with all my heart.

Like I said before in a post while back if you have the words to make someone smile, do it! and I hope everyone had a great night!


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