Random Girl

Some words I thought of while I and my best friend was talking about the people we like or notice. I was telling her that there this girl at work I’d notice when I first started working there. I notice this beautiful woman who was always in this room when I went to lock the doors in the back of the health center… it honestly was a rehab for the old residents or random people when they need to get better but I still call it the health center. The first few times I saw her I didn’t speak but I wish I should. A few months in I started to wave and she ends up speaking to me first. We talk little when we saw each other in the halls way and I came to terms that I like her. She slowly grew on me and I started liking her more and more but didn’t say nothing, didn’t do nothing, didn’t even show nothing but I should have. When I finally build up the courage to make a move. I was going to buy her some flowers and have them sent to her when she works.  But I sadly didn’t know her scheduled because it was different every week. I ask one of her co-workers that she work with sometimes and I ask her when did her friend work? she asks why? I said I wanted to buy her flowers. She gave me a crazy look and said don’t do that!! I ask why? because she got a boyfriend couple of weeks ago and she is happy. She also said you waited too late. Like she really did like you but you never ask her out. I was sad for a few days after that. I even try to avoid her at times but fail. A few months later her shift got changed to 3 to 11. This only means I saw her more throughout the day. Few days after that she was able to convince me to give her my number. I honestly didn’t expect her to call me or even text. She doesn’t text me but she calls all the time which I don’t mind. At first, I was a little uneasy because she had a boyfriend and it just didn’t felt right talking to her for hours and hours during work or even when she does a double she calls when I’m home. She never calls me when she home which is understandable. But don’t you hate that? that one person you wanted but never got because you were so shy. You hate the fact that ya’ll is talking allot but not together, on her breaks she calls you to come meet her and she spend every single break with you, even when you on break she knows and calls to hang. That’s what happens when you don’t speak up, never let the opportunity slip away when you have a chance at something. Am I going to continue to talk to her? Yes, I’m lol… sucks eh? we both agree to be cool friends or best friends. She believes since we have the same birthday we should be connected forever and yes we have the same birthday just she three years older than me. I also learn just because you like someone doesn’t mean you can’t see them as friends… No, I don’t plan on waiting for her to be single but I’ll always be there for her ya know? I remember she asks me what should she get for her boyfriend for V-day… I told her to get him what he likes. She said she didn’t know. I smile and think to myself that this going to be a long ride. I hope everyone is doing well out there and remember, go for what you like because somethings it won’t be there forever.

Published by HS-Pugh727

Just a young man who trying to live his life the best way he can. I'm a proud father of a baby girl and I do security. I'm a gamer at heart and love to workout/ have fun with good friends. I also like to write and tell about my life or opinions. feel to read my words also you can leave comments.

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