Today 2/11

Just a little updated on my life at the moment… It’s going okay for now… My daughter broke her car seat(Again) so I had to buy a new one, that little girl is getting stronger lol… Her mother tells me she just be pulling on it and etc like how hard she be pulling it for it to break. But I think she’ll like her new one I hope, I’m just wondering how long it’s going to last. My crush call me drunk yesterday when she got to the bar… So told me she haven’t really gotten over her ex and she been single for a year now which was new to me( let me remind you I don’t really know her like that either). That was a low blow to me… like man… but i understand why she didn’t talk to me that much or wanted to hang when I ask… we did once but that was all… so now I’m debating if I should just move on ya know? there no point for me to keep liking her when there is a possibility that she will date her ex again. So I’m just going to slowly talk less to her day by day. We was planing on going to see Black Panther on Friday but I may pass and just go with the homies or my best-friend . My two brothers both had their baby 2 days apart which is cool( more kids to spoil lol). I’m happy that my daughter is a big Cousin now. I just told them both is to be a good father and be there for them no matter what. One brother had a son and one had a daughter( finally another girl in the family). I haven’t seen my mother for the past 2 or 3 weeks… her so call boyfriend( who I don’t like) was looking for her today but that’s not my business tho… try to help her and you’ll end up in jail. Job still the same… hopefully that raise was true which I doubt. Oh yeah, it was my great grandmother birthday yesterday. I found it cool my little Niece and great grandma have the same birthday. Other then that life is going smoothly at the moment. I hope everyone who reading this is having a great day! Much love!



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