Early morning question

You see the title, an early morning question. One of my home girls text me this morning and ask how do I deal with a gamer? I ask her what do you mean? She text back an hour later and said I’ve been talking to this guy for 2 months and he a hardcore gamer kinda like you but I know you do others things… Which is true. So I gave her my opinion. All the girls I dated was cool with me playing games. She ask why? I said simple I was always there and home. She text back and said what do you mean by that?

I was home all the time, if I wasn’t home gaming my life away I was at the gym, the park/beach, taking nice walks in the middle of the night and hanging with the homies playing video games like T7 or Naruto, killing instant and work. Plus they was happy that I was home most of the time unlike other guys who go clubbing or always on the streets with their homies and etc. 

Then she ask me what about the t.v time? I told her they usually sit there and watch me play, definitely if its a story mode game( they always saw it like a mini movie or show) and if I’m too tired to play. They will learn how to use my system and turn on Netflix or buy a movie from the Xbox store( which I didn’t mind) and I will sit there and watch it with them until we both tap out. I told her talking to a gamer can be fun but not all of them is good ya know? And that is up to you if you wanna keep trying or not. We all different in our own little way. Date us or not just know we going to catch up on allot of t.v shows lol. I might even write how do I feel being a gamer one day by the way have a great day 😊.


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