To my little one

How you doing little one? I’m sitting here thinking about life and see how the year goes so fast that our minds can’t keep up. You can’t read this letter that I’m about to type but I’ll read it to you when the time is right or just when you’re older.
I remember that sunny day at work when your mother told me the big news. Your father uses to work at the Marquee. It’s a college apartment but before that, I’d beg your mother to get a checkup because I believe she was pregnant. Let me remind you your Dad never had a baby before but it just felt that way. I’m also a boobs guy and your dad couldn’t touch your mother breast because she always uses to jump, but deep down inside I couldn’t understand why. I forgot what day your mom told me she was pregnant but I know we were in a car. Our first car together but sadly it was total. When your mom told me the news I was kinda scared. Like I knew my life is going to change forever because I was having a baby. Kids equal no fun and that means I’d to take life seriously you know? I was happy at the same time as well, Like me, King Johnathan becoming a dad. I didn’t think I was able to have kids because I dated your mom for 3 to almost 4 years and she never got pregnant until now. I guess God said it was our turn to be parents.
I remember the day you were boring, if anyone asks me to tell the story I could relive it like it was yesterday. I was so nervous and I was nervous for your mom. I was hoping she will be okay the whole time while I was downstairs waiting for your Godmother Ashley to tell me the news or what’s going on. I had to sleep in the car overnight because they wouldn’t let me sleep downstairs( well I think so) but your Godmother Ashley keep me updated by calling and texting my phone. Then bam the news hit. Your mom was in Labor. I was really scared then because I was there witnessing my first birth ever. I didn’t like how was your mother was looking. I could tell she was in a lot of pain but hanging in there at the same time. There is no telling how much drugs she was on at the time but I’d faith in your mother because I knew she was strong( always remember that). Sadly you wouldn’t come out the regular way. I believe your mom half slept at the time when the doctor pulled me to the side and said that your mom needed a C-section. They told me it was my decision. I had to think about it was 5 minutes because I really did believe your mom could have pushed you out but I see how much pain she was and I told them we will choose the C-section.
They had your dad warp all in yellow like I was going to help someone with bad bleeding which was hard to walk in. I gave Godmother Ashley our stuff and we went to the back room. I’d to sit beside your mom and hold her hand. I was so scared for her that I didn’t know what to do besides pray and hope she does okay. Your mom didn’t know what was going on either. 10 minutes in, you were boring. The nurse asks me to get up and take pictures when you first came out which was cool. You didn’t know you were born so I’d to tell her but I’m sure she was happy, just in too much pain to show it. When the nurse got done cleaning you up, she put you right on your mom’s chest and Y’all both stare right into each other eyes. I’ll never forget that because told me you knew who your mom was.
I remember when we had to go get your first ever shot in the baby room where all the new boring babies were located at. Only your father was allowed to see you and allow in the room. I could and return anytime I please. They sent your mom to another room to recover. Also, your grandma just arrives too. You was the only baby who didn’t cry in the room, there was baby’s way bigger then you in there. I only told all the nurse you was a young warrior and your grandmother agree. I remember holding you for the first time ever, it felt weird at first because I still couldn’t believe I was a dad. I cried when your mom and grandma left the room, I was always scared to show my tears in front of other people but not in front of you I wasn’t. Even you started to cry( laughing out loud). But you was a sweet little baby. I remember allot of stuff but can’t type them here, I’ll be reading to you forever. But the main reason why I thought of all this because your birthday is coming up and I can’t wait. You’ll be one year old real soon. Your dad is also moving back home soon so we will spend allot of time together. I wish me and your mom was on better term but I hope in do time our relationship as friends get better. I love you allot and one day I’ll read this to you. Be a strong little person and always be good to your mother Ramiyah Pugh


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