Lost Friendship

Tell me, if I tell you a story about a lost friendship, would you read it? or will you? Only you can answer this question. I feel like I lost a lot of friends over the years and we never really speak unless we need each other help or just to comment a status but when you go out your way and hang with a person all day long, pay their rent, bought food for their place so they won’t go hungry and show them memoirs they had as a kid growing up. I feel like this person owe me allot but she really doesn’t, why? because I wanted to do those things, I wanted to make her smile and I wanted to her to be happy for a change. She struggle allot in life and do things that she should do to survive in this lonely world, I not going to tag any names or even mention her, but I do wish her the best, even if she hates me or dislike me because some person who jealous of me, I can not control that. Only thing I can do is pray to god and hope we speak again if we allow it. I have faith in my lord and always will. Looking back on friendship make me wonder how life will be if I had the same old friends in high school? eh? confusing, some of them dead, some of the parents and some just nowhere to be found ya know? but I wish and pray that everyone has a blessed day even my family I pray for and I hardly speak to them but overall, that’s how life is, you help who you can and hope they do the same for you one day. I really do things in my life get better, I been mopping around for the past 2 days and I don’t know why but that’ll change starting tomorrow. Not one of my best notes like I use to do in the past but I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy typing it, even if it didn’t make sense to you. I really hope this one person read it because of she the one that made me think of these things. Good night and have a blessed one, by King Johnathan F. Pugh.


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