Thoughts of a thinker

I made a new friend like a month ago. Her name is Rachel Ohmer and now I like this new friend of mines. I’m always thinking of her for some odd reason like she always there traps deep within my mind. Her eyes so beautiful that you can’t help but stare at them. Whenever I do, I always get lost in them like there some type of device controlling my every move and every word.  She was able to stop me from smoking a black with an old friend of mines, one look in her eyes told me not too… later that night my friend hang out with me before he had to catch the plane back to D.C. I notice that he needed to smoke badly like he was addicted to it. He even had this half black and tried to smoke it but fail. I guess you can say she save my life there and I’m thankful for that. I also train her at the gym every Monday and Wednesday and I can tell she wants to be there. I try to convince her to add another day if she able but we see about that. She also came over one night after our gym works out. We had to take another friend home first and I was happy about that because I wanted alone time with her and that is hard to do with a certain person who name is Tim, my good friend but that is a different story. The night was perfect, we watch pretty little lairs until 6:00 in the morning. We cuddle a little toward the end and I wish I would have tried that sooner because it felt nice holding her a little. I believe she like being touch by me which is cool. we going to the gym tonight and I can’t wait… I’m going to work here because I know she can handle it.


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