Life can be such a pain sometimes you know? I know I should be blessed to live every day but what’s the point if you can’t have what you want? Sitting down thinking about certain people made me realized you can’t have everything you want no matter how hard you try even if you be nice to them. True they’re just friends but you wanted more. You kinda realized you were lonely. Lonely enough to fall for anybody that cross your eyes. Being lonely is a hard battle if you ask me… you try to fight it off trying to be around with different people or staying home watching random t.v shows and etc… it can really be a pain, it’s like you fighting demons because you wanna push everyone away from you and be lock up in your room all day unless you cooking or using the bathroom or leaving for work. You sit there and wonder when it’s going to end, who going to make it stop or will this pointless battle last forever… I have been out of place lately, my mind is gone 24/7 but I realize I just have to act my normal self, and that stay chilling at all times. Hanging with people who has good vibes, try to get my life back on track no matter who I meet, try to force myself to go out more and make new friends who can lift you up, all these things come to your mind so so easy, but it’s up to you if you wanna make that change. True certain people can make an impact on your life and they leave you for no reason( and no I not talking about my ex) got nothing but love for her…. but in the mean time, I’ll see how this battle go. Thank you for reading if you did.

Explore 1/9/22

One thing I learn about life, you’ve to explore this world we live in.

We all come from a big or small city and sometime be scared to explore a different area because you don’t know anything about that place. If you do or not, you shouldn’t be scared to explore this world.

I learn so much when I first move outside my small city. If you ever been to st.pete Fl, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Moving to Orlando was a learning experience. Allot of ups and many downs but it made me a stronger person. Also, exploring the city was good. Saw the good and the bad side of Orlando but if I could I’d move back.

Even when you’re home in your own city, do not be scared to explore it. You’ll be surprised what your area has to offer if you just get up and take random trips. Low key miss driving from city to city when I did had a car. Saw many interesting things on the highway and enjoy my time in each area I was in.

We live in a big world, and even the higher ups haven’t explore yet. Take time out of your day and explore a random place. Make videos and take pictures to remember but most importantly, be safe and have fun.

Hope your Sunday is going well. Spending time with the little one and now I’m just thinking of things to do. Have an amazing day and be Eazy.


Long time 1/8/22

Been a good long while since I post a blog. Life been up and down for me but mostly a learning lesson. Made a mistake few months ago and paid the price. I’ll share that later on in the year. Right now I’m just living life and staying out of trouble. Happy New Year and I hope you all is doing well.

Like always I enjoy sharing words. Playing the Path Of Exile and I saw a quote that caught my eye.

One should not entice the storm. One cannot invite the storm, or give warrant to its tyrant soul. We survive only by appeasing the storm, with gifts and offerings or adorations. We hope that, in its mercy, it shall pass us by.

I hope everyone day is going well and your year got off the right foot. Love y’all and be eazy.

Today Words 6/3

Hey, how have y’all been? I have been okay. Going through some things, I also been on writers block. Even though I could easily post some words but you know how that goes.

I am on break for now so I will post some while I still have time and maybe more throughout the day.

Remain truthful, even when you have all the opportunity in the world to hurt someone.

Thursday one of my favorite days and I hope you have a blessed one.

Best Life Hayat

Live your best life now. One positive and bright Hayat.

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